Save energy without feeling the heat: Buy Energy saving Air conditioners

- Updated May 29, 2018

In this eco-friendly world, air conditioners have become a valuable investment. As Global Warming is increasing, the temperature is rapidly increasing throughout the world. Summer is getting hotter (with an increase in heat waves) and it is becoming more and more difficult to live without an air conditioner.

Traditional air conditioners consume a lot of energy, along with ‘Phantom Load’. These air conditioners need to be replaced with energy-efficient models, which provide effective cooling at minimum energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency:

The current standard of monitoring the energy efficiency of any electrical appliance is be looking for the ENERGY STAR label. This label recognizes the appliance as an energy saving one, that is, it consumes lesser energy than its traditional counterpart.

enrgy saving AC

For each appliance, the energy saving efficiency varies. For an air conditioner, energy saving can increase up to 30-40%. The air conditioner also comes with a manual that mentions the ways to improve sealing and insulation, so as to reduce air leaks and money bills, up to 70 USD a year. A few models allow you to turn on/off the air conditioner remotely using a phone or a computer.

Central vs Window AC Units:

Central cooling systems cool the entire home using ducts that run throughout the house. Central air conditioners require a proper insulation system throughout the house so that the cold temperatures are maintained for a longer duration.

Window AC units are best when one has to cool a particular room. If more than one room requires cooling, it is always better to use Central AC units, as they will reduce the electricity bill. Such options work great in offices, however, at home, controlling window AC Units in terms of usage and energy consumption is a healthier alternative.

What to look for while buying an Energy Saving Air Conditioner?


Energy Saving Air Conditioner

1. ENERGY STAR label: As mentioned earlier, this label confirms whether the air conditioner falls under the energy saving category. The stars might differ from product to product.

2. Annual Operating Cost: This indicates the amount of money that is being saved annually upon using the appliance. The greater the saving, the lesser the energy consumption.

3. Multi-tasking: Buying an air conditioner that works both as a heater and a cooler can save a lot of energy. It prevents the usage of two different units, thus saving cost as well as energy.

4. Thermostat: A thermostat comes in handy when we want the air conditioner to switch off itself after a certain level of cooling has been achieved. The settings can be controlled via a remote or an application in one’s phone/computer. The thermostat can also maintain the temperature of the room during the day without consuming more energy.

Energy efficient air conditioners are expensive when compared to their traditional counterparts. However, they are eco-friendly and contribute towards a better, cleaner environment. It also saves a lot of energy that is otherwise wasted. Energy Saving Air Conditioners must, therefore, be chosen by every individual, in order to preserve energy for our forthcoming generations.

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